Fee & Userguidance

■ Usage Fee ■

Campground Entrance Fee
(Elementary schoolchildren or older)

200 yen per person per day
300 yen per person per nigh

Bungalows (6 available)

3,000 yen per bungalow
(Available for 6 people, entrance fee included)
Fee for carried-in tents
(including tarps and screens)

1 tent: 500 yen (including one tarp)

Fee for car camping site
1 section:1,600 yen

Camp Equipment Rental

Sleeping bag and mat set: 500 yen per night
One rental tent (for 5 people): 3,500 yen

* We can accommodate early morning check-out only for persons who have stayed the night in a bungalow.

Mountain Bike Rental

500 yen / 60 minutes



Overall view of the facility.
↑ with action cam
Overall view of the facility
「Overall view of the facility」
You can see a larger map by clicking on it.
Road is oneway.
Administration Building
「Administration Building」
Visitors have to complete the acceptance procedure here first.
As you can see, we have a lot of spacious areas.
ニニウキャンプ場 バンガロー 外観
We have 6 bungalows in total in the sunshine filtering through the leaves of the trees.
Check in 13:00~
Check out ~10:00
Bungalow interior
「Bungalow interior」
The interior is beautiful larch wood. There are electrical outlets in the bungalows. However, there is no running tap water or a toilet. There is no bed and no kitchen. It is a simple hut.

Please note that there is only one ventilation window, so it will be hot and humid during the daytime.
「Communal kitchen」
There are three communal kitchens in the facility.
There are two toilets in the facility. They are available 24 hours a day.
The toilets are flush type and separate for men and women.
* There may be times when part of them is closed.
「Parking lot」
When you finish unloading your luggage, please go to one of the three parking lots.
It is perfect for a brief rest.

■ User Guidance ■

1. After unloading, please move your car to a designated parking lot. Hand-carts are also available. Traffic is one-way in the venue.
During the unloading, please stay of the grass. Stop your car on the side of the road, and be careful not to get in the way of other cars.

 2 The site is all free to use. Please be considerate and do not take up too much space

3 Please take your entire garbage home. Please keep it sealed tightly at night.
(Especially food scraps. If you leave them open, there is the danger that they will attract wildlife, such as brown bears.)

4 Please use a “Fire stand” for making a fire. Open fires are prohibited. Please rent a fire stand if you do not have one. We are also selling firewood and charcoal.

5 The toilets are available 24 hours a day. The lights in the kitchen will go out at 22:00.

6. Please make sure that the fire is off, and discard the ash in the dump (a drum can) which is placed in the communal kitchen.

7 Fireworks and campfires are prohibited.

8 Bringing karaoke equipment and electric generators is prohibited.

9 Pets are OK on the condition that they are always on a leash and their feces are properly disposed of. Depending on the site situation, you may be designated an area.

10 Wi-Fi is available in the Administration Building. Please contact the reception desk for more information.

11 Traffic is one-way in the venue. Please resolve any car accidents between the parties involved.

12 Please follow the instructions of the manager regarding other matters. The manager is on duty, basically from 9:30 to 18:00. There may be cases where the manager is working in the grounds. Please feel free to contact him if you have questions.

13 The check-out time is 10:00 when you stay nights. In the case of the day time use, the check-out time will be 18:00. Please return any rental equipment by the check-out time. The bungalow check-in time is 13:00.